The official regulations and playing rules of Little League Baseball will be followed by Palm Bay East Little League.  The following “Local Rules” will also be in effect.

  1. All games will be six-inning regulation length with a time limit of one hour and fifteen minutes from the scheduled start time. A batter who has started his/her “at bat” will be allowed to complete his/her turn.
  2. Side-out will consist of three (3) outs or three (3) runs.
  3. Strikes will be counted, balls will not, a batter that fails to hit a ball into fair territory after seven (7) pitches will be called out. The batter can not be called out on a foul ball. A hit to fair territory between home plate and the infield grass is considered a fair ball.
  4.  A continuous batting order shall be used.
  5. The batter/runner may advance at the risk of being put out, two base after a hit ball travels into the outfield grass.
  6. Bunting is allowed, fake bunting followed by a swinging hit is not allowed. A player that shows fake bunt and then swing hits a ball is out.
  7. Defensive players must play in the traditional positions of pitcher, catcher, first, second third bases, shortstop and the outfield. (No double pitchers, or extra players on the infield grass are allowed.)
  8. No defensive player may play the same position every inning. Outfield is considered one position.
  9. No advancing on overthrows.(Teach players to throw to base, not run and tag.)
  10. Managers and Coaches may remain on the field for the purpose of providing instruction to players during the game.
  11. The HOME team shall occupy the 3rd base dugout.
  12. HOME team managers and coaches will prepare the field for play prior to the game.

Rules of Play by Division

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